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Team Member

Julie Artois

PhD student

Julie is a PhD student at IDLAB-MEDIA. After receiving the MSc Of Science in Computer Science Engineering, she started a doctorate in 2020, with funding from the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO).

Her research interests lay in the fields of computer graphics and immersive multimedia. The topic of her PhD consists of enabling viewers to explore six-degrees-of-freedom content with the help of virtual/mixed reality. With a focus on image-based rendering, she studies techniques to increase the level of photorealism and freedom of movement within the 3D content. She also creates datasets of immersive content, either through 3D modelling or the capturing of real-world settings with multi-camera setups.

Authored posts

SILVR - A Synthetic Immersive Large-Volume Plenoptic Dataset Featured

SILVR - A Synthetic Immersive Large-Volume Plenoptic Dataset

SILVR, a dataset of light field images for six-degrees-of-freedom navigation in large fully-immersive volumes. The SILVR dataset is short for Synthetic Immersive Large-Volume Ray dataset.