IEEE ICCE - Head Movement Modeling for Immersive Visualization in VR

Our paper titled Head Movement Modeling for Immersive Visualization in VR was accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2023.

The work is presented at ICCE in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA between 6 and 8 January 2023.

Virtual Reality, and Extended Reality in general, connect the physical body with the virtual world. Movement of our body translates to interactions with this virtual world. Only by moving our head will we see a different perspective. By doing so, the physical restrictions of our body’s movement restrict our capabilities virtually. By modelling the capabilities of human movement, render engines can get useful information to pre-cache visual texture information or immersive light information. Such pre-caching becomes vital due to ever increasing realism in virtual environments. This work is the first work to predict the volume in which the head will be positioned in the future based on a data-driven binned-ellipsoid technique.

Image to Binned Ellipsoid illustration. Example prediction using current position (blue) and previous position (yellow) to predict future positions of the head.

The proposed technique can reduce a 1m3 volume to a size of 10cm3 with negligible accuracy loss. This volume then provides the render engine with the necessary information to pre-cache visual data.

Paper: Head Movement Modeling for Immersive Visualization in VR