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LISSA aims to enrich the experience of live events (e.g. sports, festival and shows), using high quality interactive and video-driven mobile applications, both for the audiences at home and on location.

The project partners want to offer a set of production tools for broadcasters, mobile application developers and TV service providers to realize interactive video applications for live events in a cost-efficient manner.

In this research project LISSA focuses on a maximum user’s quality of experience of interactive video streaming services. Support will be offered for advanced scenarios like multi camera selection and personalization.

Project information

The LISSA project closed in April 2015 with a convincing demonstration of its mobile video streaming application.

The research consortium

Our partners within the SELVIE project were: Videohouse, CrossCheck, U-Sentric, MiX, fellow IDLab research group IDLab - IBCN and SMIT - VUB.