Funding granted for imec.icon HELP Video!

For many multimedia systems development companies, video processing algorithms are an essential component to remain ahead of competition. However, development of this video processing IP is typically not done in-house, which is something that restricts them from maintaining full control of their product development. Algorithmic complexity and considerable implementation effort are an important hurdle for small companies that keeps them from building the essential in-house IP. Moreover, quickly evolving technology both in the area of video processing algorithms and in newly introduced HW platforms, make it even harder to keep pace with state-of-the-art trends. The target of the HELP Video! project is to support the industrial partners in

  • gaining the necessary expertise and optimizing state-of-the-art video processing algorithms allowing them to tune in to the specific customer needs (and differentiate to the competition)
  • introducing with their design teams, a newly defined design methodology, for heterogeneous embedded platforms, taking into account portability to other (newer) platforms and scalability on the same platform (easing product differentiation).

The research consortium

Our industrial partners within the HELP Video! project are: eSaturnus NV (recently acquired by Sony Europe Ltd.), EASICS NV, Televic NV, and fellow IDLab research group Hardware and Embedded Systems (HES).