BITS, BOTS & BEATS - Creative with Generative AI

BITS, BOTS & BEATS - Creative with Generative AI

A STEM workshop for teenagers

We will create a workshop on Generative AI for teenagers in (Flemish) STEM Academies. In this STEAM track (A for Arts), the teenagers will use Generative AI to use text, images, and music to make an artistic show, inspired by science. The show will be highly personalized, based on the teenagers’ interests and choices. For example, it could be a theater scene, hip-hop performance, or slam poetry. They will explore the possibilities, limitations, and dangers of GenAI. In addition, the youth will learn to creatively use the basics of theater technology (light and sound). As such, they work toward a “show moment” in which they not only bring their personal result before an audience, but also explain the creative process.

The consortium

The project partners are Spelenderwijzer vzw, ERLNMYER, MotorMusic Studios, Record & Playground, and IDLab-MEDIA (Ghent University - imec). Additionally, will help us with their expertise on deepfake images and videos. For this project, we received subsidies for STEM-partnerships from VLAIO - Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The project will run for two years, starting in February 2024.

GenAI image Image created using Generative AI (Microsoft Bing’s Image Creator, DALL-E 3), with the prompt “Teenagers making an artistic show inspired with science, using Generative AI.”