EUSIPCO 2018 - Compression of 360° images

We’re happy to announce that our paper “Steered Mixture-of-Experts Approximation of Spherical Image Data” has been accepted for presentation at EUSIPCO 2018! The paper will be presented in the Special Session on Recent Advances in Immersive Imaging Technologies.

Steered Mixture-of-Experts (SMoE) is a novel framework for approximating multidimensional image modalities. Our goal is to provide full Six Degrees-of-Freedom capabilities for camera captured content. Previous research concerned only limited translational movement for which the 4D light field representation is sufficient. However, our goal is to arrive at a representation that allows for unlimited translational-rotational freedom, i.e. our goal is to approximate the full 5D plenoptic function.

Until now, SMoE was only applied on Euclidean spaces. However, the plenoptic function contains two spherical coordinate dimensions. In this paper, we propose a methodology to extend the SMoE framework to spherical dimensions. Furthermore, we propose a method to reduce the parameter space to the same two dimensional Euclidean space as for planar 2D images by using a projection of the covariance matrices onto tangent spaces perpendicular to the unit sphere. Finally, we propose a novel training technique for spherical dimensions based on these observations. Experiments performed on omnidirectional 360° degree images show that the introduction of the dimensionality-reduction projection step results in very low quality loss.

eusipco Example of a SMoE model on the unit sphere without projection. Only the coordinate space is visible on the axes. The color space is visualized by the color of the ellipsoids.

Congratulations to Ruben Verhack, Nilesh Madhu, Glenn Van Wallendael, Peter Lambert and Thomas Sikora (TU Berlin)!

Conference website: EUSIPCO 2018